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  • Feb 05 / 2014
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How-to setup gradle for existing libgdx multi-project using the Google android plug-in.

This article concerns fellow programmers that use libGDX. We hope you will find it useful.

We are using libgdx to develop our upcomming game. To manage the project configuration and building, we had been using the gdx-setup-ui.jar at the beginning and then we created a gradle setup using the jvoegele/gradle-android-plugin. Unfortunately this plug-in was discontinued when Google released its own tool-chain based on Gradle. So after a couple of updates of the Android SDK our setup stopped working and we migrated our setup to use the Google gradle plug-in. This proved not very straightforward and so we decided to write this how-to. So we will show you the configuration that will let you use gradle to:
  1. Automatically download library dependencies for your projects
  2. build your project
  3. create project files so you can import them to eclipse, provided that you already have your project tree(very useful if you use a source control software like git or hg to share code in a team) …read more