Vasilis Panousis

Vasilis is a Piano Performer / Composer and one of the first ducklings, as he has composed the
music themes of Shake the Bottle and Memory Duel, helping the Ducks release their
first games.

Vasilis initiated his music studies at the early age of 5 and soon enough he expressed his
talent on piano and violin. As a performer he has taken part in numerous Classic and Greek folk
music concerts. Following his studies in music, he acquired a Bmus in Musicology from University
Of Macedonia / Department of Music Science and Art, a Diploma in Piano Performance from State
Conservatory of Thessaloniki and four Degrees in Advanced Theory of Music (Harmony,
Counterpoint, Fugue and Instrumentation for Wind Instruments). Since 2011 he is studying Music
Composition at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

When he is not lost inside a music score or trying to figure the ‘perfect tone’, he likes to
enjoy a cup of coffee at a cozy place while meeting with friends to have a deep conversation or
reading a book. He is also a fan of strategy board games, cinema and fine old scotch.


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