Shake The Bottle

Product Description

Well… how about shaking?

Shake the bottle is a funny and entertaining game that will make you and your friends laugh with each other’s movements, funny faces and dancing maneuvers while playing it. It will bring your antagonistic self in surface and guarantees a happy hour even to the most grumpy.

How to: Shake the champagne bottle as fast as you can. Hold your device firmly and shake it in all directions in order to fill the bar as fast as you can. Find out the maneuver that suits your style and your device and show the ignorants how it is done!

Are you a …shaker? Prove it!

Single-Player Game

Advance in levels and get your score higher and higher. Your score is submitted on duckseason global ranking system. Can you handle the pressure of being in the top ten? Watch out! There are outsiders on the line for your place…

Multi-Player Game

Host a Bluetooth game and let your opponent join. Now let the party begin! How many times you think you can win? Play a series of games and find out who is the best shaker among your friends.


Product Features

  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Local Scores
  • Global Ranking System
  • Multi-player Bluetooth game