The Ducks

Klitos Giannakopoulos

Klitos is the perfectionist of DuckSeason Development Team. Whenever there is a teeny-tiny detail that makes all the difference, Klitos will point it out.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece he grew up as a restless child with an inner curiosity about his surroundings. He has always kept notice of the surrounding details, thus enabling himself to recognize things and places he has seen only once even if years have passed in the meantime.

At an early age he started his music studies and learned to play the Saxophone and the Oud while exploring his love for Folk, Jazz and Funk music. During high school his interest in IT developed which led him to acquiring his BSc in IT Engineering. He is also a nature and activities enthusiast and over the years has tried many sport-like activities such as bicycling, snowboarding, hiking, canyoning, sailing, climbing and scuba-diving.

In 2010, after having worked as an IT technician, Network and System Administrator, Technical Support Manager and Software Developer for several years, he concentrated his efforts in expertising in mobile application development . He joined forces with a few friends and took the initiative to lead them into creating duckseason.

Kosmas Kyriakidis

Kosmas is the mathematical mind in duckseason. He can get an equation out of everything! If you praise him about it, he will act like it was as natural and simple as drinking a glass of water.

As a kid, he wanted to become a famous soccer player, but then he grew up and decided to study instead. Every now and then he whines about it, though. He is a computer games fan and, having spent lots of hours playing, he suggested that duckseason started making games.

He got his MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering having studied and worked on artificial intelligence algorithms. Seeing it as an opportunity to unleash his mathematical and programing skills, he played his part on the creation of duckseason and its first product Calculator Ultimate .

When he is not programming, analyzing equations or playing games, he enjoys an evening coffee or gathers up with his soccer team for a match or two. When his team wins, he celebrates his victory with friends, beer and sausages.

Thanos Karamanidis

Thanos is the practical force of duckseason, pushing and pulling the strings to get a result. He has the ability to see the whole picture early enough and not frustrate himself.

He often takes care of the workload of a project and accomplish to direct the others to the right direction. He is also the economics expert of the team.

Thanos is a holder of a MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering and another MSc in Financial Economics. His strong interest in applying his programming skills motivated him to team up with the others in the foundation of the team. This is how duckseason was born. Thanos’ vision and goal is to participate in the creation of extraordinary applications that are expected from the public and treated with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Apart from programming, Thanos is interested in many fields, including energy-conserving products and applications, renewable energy, global and industrial economy. During his spare time, Thanos dawdles with his friends, travels or enjoys a good book.

Giorgos Gaganis

Giorgos is the engineering muscle behind duckseason. He has been involved with duckseason from its early years organizing the development process.

He is the one providing insight and solutions to the more demanding engineering issues.

Giorgos has always been interested in ‘how things work’ and as a kid he was always disassembling and destroying his toys to understand. This innate curiosity led him to his interest in computers. He has studied at the Informatics Department of ATEI of Thessaloniki acquiring his BSc. Before engaging with duckseason he has worked for several years as a software engineer for various companies, working on enterprise software. He has also worked on the deployment and performance optimization of enterprise systems from a software engineer perspective.

In his free time he is still trying to understand how things work but now with precaution and efforts not to destroy them. So he tries to DIY everything he can, from servicing and tinkling his motorcycle to maintaining his house.

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