Calculator Ultimate

Product Description

Calculator Ultimate is not just a simple calculator. It is a user-friendly tool, always available in your smartphone, with ample capabilities. It is recommended to anyone who needs the use of a Scientific Calculator, an Equation Calculator, a Unit Converter or a Matrix Calculator.

Its functions are divided into five main Tabs (Basic, Scientific, Equations, Conversions, Matrices).

We are continuously working on adding new features and improving our application. So please feel free to contact us if you counter any problems, have any recommendations or need any kind of help!


Product Features

  • Basic arithmetic calculations
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Powers
  • Roots
  • Factorials
  • Trig. functions (incl. hyperbolic)
  • Logarithms (in any given base)
  • 2nd degree equations
  • 3nd degree equations
  • Systems of unknowns (4 unknowns)
  • Graphs
  • Differential calculus
  • Definite integral calculus
  • Complex numbers Polar coords
  • Unit conversions to S.I. and vice versa (length, pressure, energy, etc)
  • Matrix operations (transpose, inverse, multiply by number, determinant,
  • addition and multiplication)
  • Tape function (with storing)
  • Memory for 11 values
  • Adjustable precision