Duckseason is an indie (independent development) software company located in Thessaloniki, Greece and specializing in mobile apps and games. Its existence is the result of several creative minds around the software development world struggling to find a way to express their ideas. We created duckseason in order to be able to set our own limits and create the products that we would like to see coming out of our work.

We started developing for the Android platform trying to make a handy offline tool for Mechanics and all people working on Science. Soon Calculator Ultimate was born and was published under Amazon Appstore where it found its audience. It reached #1 paid app and held this title for a few days during November 2011 and we thank you for that.

Since then we have been working on several other projects, mostly mobile games. Some of them have been published already and some of them are still under design or development stages. You can take a look at our products page for published apps and games. Also you can check out our blog or find us on social media for updates and news.

Our constant goal is to make useful apps and entertaining games, and have happy users that spread the word for us. We try to make ‘perfect’ products and so our apps go through thorough testing in every possible device our budget can provide us, before being published. Nevertheless there is not such thing as ‘perfect’ software so please contact us in case you find any bugs or have any suggestions about our apps. We are always happy to receive such messages because it shows us that you like our apps and want to see them getting better. If you want to come in contact with us for other than support reasons please mail us on infoATduckseason.


Duckseason Development Team

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