Memory Duel

Product Description

Got Tired of classic memory games? Try the super-charged Memory Duel! Its Multiplayer feature will give the lead to your competitive self, while the prizes will help you prove the best brains that you are! You are master in the game? Show it by getting the top rank on our Global ranking system. Do you have what it takes?

You need:

  • Concentration
  • Reflections
  • Short Term Memory
  • Speed
  • Improvisation
  • Luck

You get:

  • Endless gaming
  • Seven different themes
  • Normal, Challenging and Impossible mode
  • Multiplayer via Bluetooth
  • Global Ranking

Memory Duel

A different memory/match pairs game:

  • Three levels of difficulty makes it difficult even for Einstein
  • Seven themes will “change the scene” (or change the odds)
  • PvP multiplayer to challenge your friends
  • Our global ranking system will get the best of you renowned

Got in the Top Ten? How long you think you will last before somebody beats your score and kicks you out?

May the Best Mind be the Top Memory Dueler!


Product Features

  • Difficulty modes: Normal, Challenging, Impossible
  • Seven themes: Aquatic Life, Musical Instruments, Hieroglyphs, Circles, Food,
  • Flowers, Smiley faces
  • Global ranking system
  • Person vs person multiplayer


  • The more games you play, the more themes get unlocked
  • Unlock impossible mode by playing challenging
  • Check the prizes that you have been awarded and find out how to unlock more
  • Check your current global rank in scores.
  • Want to beat a good player in multiplayer? Host the game and choose the theme he hates.