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Welcome to our new website

Dear Friends,

Duckseason’s new website is up and running after much planning and a lot of delaying, and it is a big improvement to our I-know-nothing-about-building-websites-How-hard-can-it-be previous version. Although it has served us well until now, it is time it went to our archive.

We hope that you will like this upgrade, and that you will find it cool and a lot more useful. We are still improving things so if you find anything not working as it should, please contact us

More changes to come!

Welcome on board!

Duckseason products distributed World Wide through Samsung Apps

We are glad to announce that our products are now available World Wide for Samsung Android devices through Samsung Apps.

Calculator Ultimate Lite is already available for most Samsung devices and more are coming. Calculator Ultimate will becoming available during the next days for all Samsung Android Devices.

We hope that everybody will benefit from this opportunity and find a useful tool on our application. As new products become available from duckseason you will be able to find them on Samsung apps also.

Graph on Calculator Ultimate 1.5.0

We are proud to announce a powerful Graph engine as a new feature on Calculator Ultimate 1.5.0. It will be available to all users of Calculator Ultimate in the next few days at no additional cost. You can find the Graph f(x) button on Eq tab. It enables a dialog where you can enter the function you desire to depict. Pressing the Draw button will make the Graph and show it on screen. You can move and zoom in/out as desired.

Please note that the graph feature is currently on “Beta test phase” so we would like all of you if possible to send us your feedback at support[AT]duckseason[DOT]mobi.

We hope that all of you will find our Graph Feature helpful and a worthy addition to Calculator Ultimate.

Duckseason Development Team