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Multi-platform Game Development Workshop

On April 9, I, Klitos, held a workshop with title “Multi-Platform Game development for beginners”. This workshop took place twice on that day, during the Digital Culture Festival at the premises of IEK Delta Thessaloniki. We discussed on the LibGDX framework, some game development practices and we created a small 2D game with Lucy the Cow, that had to show some fantastic bomb-avoiding maneuvers!

As promised during the workshop, you can find the short LibGDX presentation here and the code of the workshop on a github repo.

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How-to do heavy background processes on LibGDX, while showing a splash screen

This article concerns fellow programmers that use libGDX. We hope you will find it useful.

I am sure every game developer has come to this point when your game runs smoothly after it is loaded but it takes some time to load and you want to make the user feel that nothing is wrong, your game is running and loading, but instead he sees a black screen or the app delays to launch. Well I had the same problem and I was looking at a black screen on my Android mid-cost device for three to four seconds before the logo screen of my game pops up.

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Duckseason goes GDG

GDG Dev Fest 2014(agenda) welcomes duckseason!!

Klitos Giannakopoulos will speak about Android and will host a workshop with title “Cruising Android Maps API” on Nov 29 at Nikolaos Germanos Conference Center, Pavillion 8, Helexpo Thessaloniki. You can find more information on the workshop on this link.

The presentation and code will be available here after the event.

As promised the code, the worksheet and the presentation are available here